WWAST – Kids Camp 2014

About 2 years ago we heard of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team coming to play in Seattle. It was August and we found out the day before the game. We decided we would head into the city to watch the WWAST. Logan was able to be their bat boy along with 3 of his friends. What an amazing opportunity for him! We got to go into the dug out and chat with the players, coaches and managers. Susan their manager told us of their previous years kids camps, their 1st ever. We had a wonderful time at the game and gave our contact info to Susan.
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The following spring I received an email from Susan inviting us to fill out an application for the kids camp. I filled it out, sent in a video of Logan then waited.
A few months later Logan received a package, welcoming him to 2014 WWAST kids camp. He was beyond excited. Wounded Warriors paid for everything, including flight. Unfortunately to get from Seattle to Kentucky was well over $700, so we made the decision that Brad would go with Logan. At the time we couldn’t afford for all of us to go or cover the extra airfare.

Logan and Brad got to spend an entire week in Louisville, Kentucky. They got a being-the-scenes tour at the sluggers museum, and Churchill downs. They went to the water park and the NFL hall of fame.

More importantly then these amazing experiences and adventures and outings was that Logan got to train and be with these players for 5 days. He got 1 on 1 practice and advice. He got to be with amazing role models and develops friendships.
On the last day, Logan played at slugger stadium, his name announced as he ran out onto the field. Logan’s team at home won 2nd in their division.  As parents we are so proud of how far he has come.


For many this may seem trivial but this kids camp changed my child’s life. Prior to going he wouldn’t be seen without his prosthetic leg on. He was sad, and had lost confidence in himself. After camp he now drops his leg when he needs to, adjusts his leg when he needs to and knows he is amazing individual.
After camp one day Logan said to me, “Mom, I am going to be the first guy without a leg to win American Ninja Warrior.”  I told him that sounded like a great plan. He said, “Mom, I am the only person standing in my way of doing whatever I want in life and I refuse to stand in my own way!”  I asked Logan where he heard that and he said, his friend Rick from the WWAST kids camp I was in tears. His friend rick, an adult, a player an amazing man and mentor to my son. I can’t thank these guys enough. Thank you for changing our lives. Thank you for instilling such confidence in Logan. Thank you for touching my husbands heart. Thank you for being you.Thank you for changing our lives forever. And most of all, thanks for staying in contact with us. I just love how Logan knows he has you guys as friends and mentors forever.  10268582_10152698929442456_7382475195992229596_n10646725_10152698929482456_1346452407894078467_n1604537_10152698929612456_1794320430616642337_n10703780_10152698929577456_8572117004536350994_n10647086_10152698929392456_1581074831136940282_n10672232_10152698929687456_2564881885677822578_n

Thanks WWAST for not only being fabulous guys but for being such men of integrity. Forever grateful.

Here is a link to the video done by NBC Nightly News on making a difference for young amputees. Enjoy!


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