Meet MeiMei

MeiMei joined our family when she was 18 months of age, from the other side of the world. The doctor that reviewed her filed assured me that she would not be in wheelchair, but that she wouldn’t be running marathons either. Of course, he wasn’t trying to be negative, he was just giving his typical experience in dealing with kids with a jumble of messed up bones for a leg.   But we knew the second we met MeiMei that she was anything but typical. After her first surgery and being fit with her above the knee prosthetic, she DEMANDED that we continue to WALK with her as she wasn’t giving up until she could walk independently in just a few short days. Quit has never been in her vocabulary. Her prosthetic went on that first day and never came off. Since that time she has been fit with a variety of prosthetics; running, swim, and even one to allow her to paddleboad and surf as there is nothing that she can’t and won’t do. She slalom waterskis, rock climbs, but her passion is swimming with triathlons for some variety.


Unfortunately, the costs of training, amputee camps, swim camps, Paralympic swim meets, and namely the travel to all these events, adds up. We regularly drive 4-20 hours numerous times a years so that MeiMei can attend these events.   Last year we traveled 27 hours so that MeiMei could attend the US Paralympic Emerging Swim Camp.   We have an over 30 hour trip planned in March for the CanAm Spring Swim Championships in Toronto unless we can obtain some funding.   MeiMei thrives when she is around other individuals with differences, especially challenged athletes.   We will continue to do everything to help get her there.

– Kelley, MeiMei’s Mom

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