Meet Kenasyn!

Kenasyn is a happy-go-lucky, stubborn, fun-loving girl!  Kenasyn was born with 11 different conditions, most of which are orthopedic.   At just 24 days old, Kenasyn went in to surgery for a colostomy.  Once all of her bowels were taken care of, she got her colostomy removed, and we moved on to repairing some of her orthopedic issues.  The first step was to repair her club foot affecting her right foot.  She went through 5 casts, and also had her Achilles tendon lengthened.   After she finished with this care, we moved on to her developmental hip dysplasia, where she was born with a dislocated left hip.  She had an open hip reduction at 9 months old, and was in a body cast for eight weeks.  Then, just 9 days after her 1st birthday, Kenasyn had her left leg amputated at the knee, known as a through-knee disarticulation.   Exactly one week after her amputation, Kenasyn had an allergic reaction to the type of sutures that were used in her leg, and the incision got severely infected, and she had to go back into surgery to have the infected tissue removed and the wound cleaned out and closed back up with a different type of suture.

By the time Kenasyn was 13 months old, she had a total of 10 surgeries.  And not once did she falter.  She has always been such a strong little girl.  It has been almost 2 years since her amputation, and I still just can’t believe she is an amputee.  It is such an everyday part of life now, but when she does something new, I think to myself: “This girl is absolutely amazing!”  She has been through so much in her little life so far.  And I just cannot wait to see what she will do as she grows! I remember thinking before she was even born, that she wasn’t going to be able to dance, or run very well, or be very athletic.  And although we are just beginning on this journey with her, I know that NOTHING will hold this beautiful baby girl back!!  Kenasyn would drag her little body around with a big body cast, and it would blow our mind!  Just 3 weeks after her amputation, she was standing on her OWN two feet, and her dad and I cried tears of joy.  Her two feet might not be biological, but they are hers!


Giving to fly gives such amazing opportunities to kids and families that might not have the opportunity otherwise.  Kenasyn is the youngest of 5 children, so travel expenses can really take a toll on the budget.  Finding someone to watch my four other children while I travel with Kenasyn can be daunting.  The opportunities that Giving to Fly gives to children like Kenasyn  and families like ours is as simple as being around other children like her.  The ability to learn from older kids and adults that will show her that there is nothing to be ashamed about with her body, being able to relate, will give her so much in life!!

I am so proud of Kenasyn, and look forward to all of the amazing things she will do in life!  Someday, another mother will be writing about their child, and thinking of the example that Kenasyn has set as she grows and accomplishes amazing feats!!


Candi – Kenasyn’s mother

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