I am a mother of two athletic boys. My oldest son, was born missing a major bone in his left leg and ultimately underwent an above knee amputation when he was 11 months old. Wearing a prosthesis from the age of 15 months has never slowed him down. He is a typical boy, always running, jumping and moving.

Over the last few years, our family has attended several amazing camps, clinics and trainings all around the country. These events provide education, support, opportunity and overall fun for people living with limb loss. These events continue to strengthen the relationships within the amputee community and provide incredible mentorship and support to younger children and their families.

Many of these life-changing opportunities are available at little to no cost to families. These camps and events are located all over the country and most times are out of a family’s home state. Over the last few years, it became clear to me that the main obstacle preventing more families from attending these events was a lack of financial means to cover the cost of the airfare. Depending on family size and distance this could mean thousands of dollars to attend just one camp.

Our VISION is that amputees and their families will have the ability to attend the camps, clinics, and trainings that are offered nationwide. Our VISION is to continue to strengthen the communities we are a part of through the education and opportunities these events provide. Our VISION is to make flight not a factor.

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